Pearl Gloves - The Fight Against MS

To have been able to follow these “regular people” turned fights, on a journey over months of olympic style boxing training, to see them get into a ring in front of 1500 people and fight to raise money for MS… was quite the experience.

I had the honour to be chosen to document the journey as well as recap the event itself. Even being on the sidelines with the camera, I was inspired by the pure determination and focus of these fighters.

As a content creator, all you can ask for is the freedom to capture a moment in the way you want the world to experience it, and luckily for me, the team at Pearl Gloves trusted me to deliver our vision. I hope everyone who watches these is entertained, but at the same time remembers the meaning behind the event: to raise funds and awareness to battle a destructive disease that affects over 100,000 Canadians.

Reece Fisher