Consistent Behaviour

Morgan D’Aloisio  via    @instillment_   .

Morgan D’Aloisio via @instillment_.

On the way up to Burlington to shoot with Morgan D’Aloisio, I began to listen to another talk by John Maxwell. Lucky for me, my mentor, Mihai Raducanu, had shared a bunch of great talks by John, who spoke about leadership. This specific talk was about making personal changes to become a better leader. What really stuck out to me during this talk was the chain reaction he explains: Control your emotions by controlling your thoughts. Control your actions by controlling your emotions. From here, you will become what you consistently do every day. Therefore, you are defined by what you consistently do.

I feel like everyone needs to be reminded of this. You will continuously move towards what you consistently do and think about. For me, I want to express myself more creatively.. more outside of the normal perspective. I also want to dive deeper into the filmmaking world and really begin to tell stories through my writing, camera work & editing.

The biggest question I have to ask myself is, “Am I doing enough of those things to keep myself in that direction?” The answer was no. So over these past couple of weeks, and weeks to come, that is my mission. It’s time to make more time for the things that I want to do, and take myself in the direction in which I’d like my story to continue.

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