When Everything Falls Apart

Working in the creative industry is a flux of having things working out perfectly, and things not working out at all. Either way, it teaches you a fantastic lesson that the universe is not biased. There are no sides; good and bad things will happen to you. You will have great days and not so great days. Do not make decisions based on a great day or an awful day. If your conviction is strong enough, these variables won’t matter.

Over the past week I’ve been shooting for several different projects. Most recently, one day of shooting was an absolute disaster. The location was an hour away, and by the time we got there, the location was too busy and we weren’t able to carry out the vision.

But that’s what it’s like in this industry. There are too many external variables to try and control them all. Careful planning and foresight are essential, but you can’t predict everything. However, I truly find that that is the beauty of it; the chaos of having everything fall apart around you, only to rearrange and manipulate those broken pieces into something new. This is where you find out who you really are. By accepting that obstacles will present themselves, you shift your mindset from panic & worry, to determination & creativity.

This has happened to me on projects as small as a simple day shoot with a friend, to as big as my first 45 minute short film, Warner Road. Oh, the $40,000 camera you rented blew a fuse and you still have 5 days of production left? Oh, you’ve already been shooting for 18 hours and it’s 5am but you still have 4 more shots to complete before the sun rises but it started raining so it blew out a light and you can’t record audio until it stops? Oh, you’ve already sold half of the tickets to your premiere but you find out the location is double booked for the night? No matter what stage your project is in, anything can happen.


Shift your mindset

from panic & worry, to determination & creativity.

So I have two questions for you: how bad do you want it? &

How far are you willing to go when everything falls apart?

Reece Fisher